Stardew Valley continues to sell: its creator is in disbelief at the success

Stardew Valley continues to sell: its creator is in disbelief at the success

Stardew Valley continues to sell

Often, in the world of video games, just one idea is enough to be able to sell many copies. Don't believe it? Well, Stardew Valley is here to prove you wrong. The game produced by Eric Barone has in fact recently passed the milestone of 20 million copies sold. A success that Barone himself struggles to believe, for many reasons.

Let's start, obviously, from the beginning. Stardew Valley is the product of a single developer, Eric Barone. Man has spent a good part of his life learning to program and above all to draw. In this way he was able, in total solitaire, to produce the game, of which he also developed the engine. The title arrived on the market in 2016 and was immediately a great success: launched under the ConcernedApe label, the game immediately won over many users and 6 years after its release it has surpassed 20 million copies, 13 only on PC.| ); }
For Eric Barone this is certainly an important milestone, considering that he himself had a degree in Computer Science at the time of the work on the game, but without a stable job and above all not suited to his skills. Stardew Valley was his way out, able to fulfill his dream of having a job in the games industry.

Stardew Valley continues massive success streak with 20 million sales

Stardew Valley continues its long-running success streak with a massive 20 million copies sold to date.


After six years on the market, Stardew Valley is still incredibly popular. The indie farming sim has now broken 20 million copies sold worldwide on all platforms as of March 2022, which is up 5 million units from September 2021. Of course it helps the game was released on practically every gaming medium to date, including PC, Mac, Linux, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and of course the PS4 and Xbox One.

'As of March 2022, Stardew Valley has sold over 20 million copies across all platforms, with 13 million copies sold on PC alone,' reads the official website.

Here's how Stardew Valley stacks up against other indie hits:

Eric Barone, aka ConcernedApe, is currently working on his next game called Haunted Chocolatier that retains the same classic pixel style of Stardew Valley but will 'diverge' in key ways.