RTX 4090 twice as fast as RTX 3090 according to the latest leaks

RTX 4090 twice as fast as RTX 3090 according to the latest leaks

Although the Californian company is preparing to hold a keynote at Computex 2022, where it is expected to see the new range of RTX 4000 GPUs, the rumors of the insider kopite7kimi (reported by Videocardz) do not stop; this time it's up to the RTX 4090, and its performance. Nvidia could launch the flagship GeForce RTX 4090 model as early as mid-July and, according to the various rumors circulating so far, the card should include a reduced AD102 graphics chip, with 126 multiprocessor streams and a total of 16 128 CUDA cores. br>
OK, let's do a new summary.

RTX 4090, AD102-300, 16128FP32, 21Gbps 24G GDDR6X, 450W, ~ 2 × 3090.

I am disappointed with RDNA3.

That's all.

- kopite7kimi (@ kopite7kimi) May 16, 2022

As stated several times, the new series should guarantee an increase in performance considerable compared to the current RTX 3000: as you can see from the Tweet, the insider expects the new top of the range RTX 4090 to reach double the performance of the RTX 3090. This performance increase will likely go in tandem with a dizzying (and worrying) surge in consumption; in fact, it was said that GeForce RTX 4090 should have a 600W TDP, which would require a power supply of at least 1KW as a requirement. However, insider kopite7kimi thinks the GPU will retain the same 450W TDP as the 3090 Ti, a card that Nvidia would use as a test bed for the AD102 graphics chip.

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As in the past, it is very likely that at launch Nvidia will give priority to the top-of-the-range RTX 4090 models, 4080 and 4070. All that remains is to wait for Computex 2022 in the hope of being able to know some more details from the company on the new cards. In the meantime, Nvidia has also published for the first time the open source drivers for its Ampere and Touring GPUs, which you can learn more about in our article.