The "Open Source version" of Windows now runs some games

The Open Source version of Windows now runs some games

In development for over two decades now, React OS is an operating system that aims to be binary compatible with Windows software and drivers. Unfortunately, despite the time passed, ReactOS is not yet complete, so much so that the latest stable version is 0.4.14, which you can download, if interested in trying it, directly from the official website of the project.

However, the steps forward have been made, so much so that now, as reported by Phoronix colleagues, ReactOS is able to run some titles of the well-known Battlefield first-person shooter series, as evidenced by the tweets published by the development team.

Battlefield 1942 working on #ReactOS!

Sound does not work, performance is good with 3D accerelation and VirtualBox OGL driver.

Test: MayTheChicken #gamedev #GamingNews #SoftwareDeveloper #SoftwareTesting #Developer #opensource

- ReactOS (@reactos) March 29, 2022

Even if they are products that have a certain age , the fact that they can be executed, more or less correctly, bodes well for the i Implementation of the 3D acceleration of the operating system. Specifically, the two chapters shown in action are Battlefield 1942, originally released in 2022 and currently lacking audio, and Battlefield 2142, launched in 2006, which features occasional snaps in VirtualBox.

Battlefield 2142 works on #ReactOS!

Mouse cursor is invisible.

Sometimes it stutters on VirtualBox even on high graphics preset, sound works (choose Software option for that).

Test: MayTheChicken #gamedev # GamingNews #SoftwareDeveloper #SoftwareTesting #Developer #opensource

- ReactOS (@reactos) March 31, 2022

For more details and information on the current state of ReactOS, we suggest you consult its official website. Trying it costs you nothing and configuring a virtual machine for its execution is really simple.

Continuing to talk about old classics that come back to life on modern systems, today we also talked about the interesting project “Infinite Mac”, which allows you to have an instance of the classic macOS inside your browser. The most interesting thing is the availability of persistent storage, with reduced processor usage and the ability to exchange files between the classic Mac and the system from which you are accessing the emulator. For more details on this, we recommend that you read our previous dedicated article.