Resident Evil Re: Verse classified for Google Stadia in Europe, the release is approaching?

Resident Evil Re: Verse classified for Google Stadia in Europe, the release is approaching?

Resident Evil Re

Resident Evil Re: Verse has been rated for Google Stadia in Europe, one year after the rating of the PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions. Is the release of the multiplayer experience approaching, then?

Postponed last July, Resident Evil Re: Verse should have been released in conjunction with Resident Evil Village (review), but something did not go as planned and Capcom has decided to postpone its launch indefinitely.

After several months without news, it was thought that the project could have been canceled, but the new classification would imply that things are not so and that the game is still alive.

If you remember, in our trial of the closed beta of Resident Evil Re: Verse we made more than one criticism of the game, and evidently it was a shared feeling given the decisions made by the development team.

However, it may be that the postponement and therefore the extra processing time allowed Capcom to significantly improve the experience compared to the testing phases.

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Resident Evil 3 fan remakes classic game in Unreal Engine - it has amazing graphics

A fan-made remake of Resident Evil 3 has been blowing minds across the Internet - for its jaw-dropping graphics and faithful recreation of the original game.

The remake, which has been created by fans of the iconic series using the next-gen Unreal Engine 4, is currently free to download online.

It includes accurate recreations of the game's classic features, down to the smallest details such as its 'tank' camera control scheme.

Fans of the game have praised it for its 'amazing' graphics using the Unreal Engine, which provides some spectacular next-gen visual features, as well as the addition of the original control scheme.

The fan-made Resident Evil 3 remake brings back the classic control scheme, which was missing from Capcom's own remaster (Image: Capcom)Read MoreRelated ArticlesRead MoreRelated Articles

One gamer said: 'Hope you can finish this amazing project. Screw present day Capcom,' referring to the original game's developers.

Capcom themselves released a remake of Resident Evil 3 in 2020 using its own RE Engine. Although this proved a commercial success, it only provided third-person camera controls rather than the 'tank' controls of the original game (i.e. fixed-camera scenes). This proved a source of criticism for some fans.

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The creators of the remake say they hope to eventually complete a full version of the game, although provided no details on when this would be.

It marks the latest fan effort at remaking a videogame using next-gen graphics.

Similar projects, such as Black Mesa Source (a remake of Valve's 1999 hit, Half-Life), have taken years and years but gone onto attract the support of the game's original creators.

Unreal Engine has also been used to recreate the popular Simpsons game, Hit 'n' Run, with a developer building the title accurately in a matter of hours.

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