Everywhere: details on the new open world game from the creator of GTA

Everywhere: details on the new open world game from the creator of GTA


It continues to remain under the radar and not show itself, but in the meantime the expectation is rising for Everywhere, the new project by Leslie Benzies, ex-president of Rockstar Games as well as creator and manager of the GTA series until a few years ago, so we report these new details that have emerged online in these hours.

These are always rumors, as officially we still know very little about this mysterious title, which also represents the debut of Build A Rocket Boy Games, the new indie team founded by Benzies. Everywhere seems to start from the experience gained by the author on the Grand Theft Auto series, proposing a particularly extensive and rich open world game, which according to the new details should represent a sort of "Ready Player One in real life", even if it is not well clear what this means.

The concept seems to relate to a sort of metaverse, although everything is still part of a "triple A" open world game, according to the details reported by the Twitter account "Everywhere Network", which collects information on the project in question.

The game should also count on a fundamentally multiplayer basis, but also an important narrative component, divided into various chapters. Players can also contribute to the construction of the game world through a sort of "virtual sandbox" with user-generated content, which opens the door to the construction of customized game elements and a world in constant expansion and enrichment, with social and social integrations. "streaming," reportedly.

All of this seems in line with Build's official statements to Rocket Boy, having previously reported wanting to create new worlds and new ways to play.

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New Everywhere Details Emerge, Features Open-World With ‘Deep Social & Streaming Integrations’

Fresh details on Everywhere, the upcoming title from former Rockstar North President Leslie Benzies, have emerged online, revealing the project is to be an open-world title and is described as a ‘real-life’ Ready Player One.

The game is in development at Benzies’ Build A Rocket Boy Games, and according to fan Twitter account Everywhere Network, will feature strong multiplayer elements, an ‘epic’ narrative with multiple chapters, and user-generated content within a ‘virtual sandbox.’

Furthermore, Everywhere will allow players to craft their own words and will be built around comphrensive social and streaming iterations. That’s about all there is to see, but it’s clearly that the game is very socially-oriented, unlike the single-

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Everywhere managed to raise £32 million from investors in China and New York, and last year, the development team confirmed they had shift work to the Unreal Engine. Everywhere is currently without a release date.