BMW Neue Klasse will change the cards from 2025

BMW Neue Klasse will change the cards from 2025

For some time there has been talk of BMW's Neue Klasse, initially conceived as a hybrid platform capable of hosting both internal combustion engines and electric motors, today the platform represents the 100% electric future of the German company, which aims to bring great innovations to the market. thanks to it.

BMW CEO Oliver Zipse announced plans for the Neue Klasse and future of BMW's electric cars.

“Upon arrival on the market, [the platform] will be used primarily on the 3 Series segment, and by then the electric car market will have developed to the point where we can offer one drivetrain for the entire architecture. " - th_motorlabs_d_mh2_1 slot id: th_motorlabs_d_mh2 "); }
“La Neue Klasse will start with medium-sized models, but obviously many other projects are planned. Neue Klasse is the basis of our future catalog, from models with the highest sales volumes to high-performance models. "

According to Zipse, the new platform will give BMW an important technological advantage, and will play a key role in achieving the company's goal of selling at least 2 million 100% electric vehicles by 2025. By 2030, however, the company aims to reach 50% of electric cars sold on the annual total; the advent of new technologies new cells and new batteries will surely help BMW, and the industry as a whole, to grow faster.

The new BMW Neue Klasse platform will see the light from 2025, and will be born from the new plant that the German company has opened in Hungary.