The Nvidia RTX 40 series could coexist with the RTX 3000 models

The Nvidia RTX 40 series could coexist with the RTX 3000 models

As suggested by the words of Nvidia's CFO Colette Kress during a conference, reported later by PCMag, the next GPUs of the RTX 4000 series “Ada Lovelace” could coexist with the current RTX 3000.

“The problems caused from the current period, characterized by the pandemic and supply chain problems, have given Nvidia the opportunity in the gaming market to be able to sell both RTX 30 series GPUs and models based on the Turing architecture of the RTX 20 range and since this strategy has been successful with Ampere, we may see something like this again in the future, ”Kress reports.

The Californian company has in fact continued to produce the RTX 2060 in parallel with the RTX 3000, even making a model equipped with 12GB of RAM in December to cope with the GPU shortage, although this same variant was not much available. The company also plans to launch an RTX 2050 for laptops.

It is not uncommon to see something like this with other companies as well. As for CPUs for example, Intel and AMD generally continue to produce older models for a few generations. In the case of Nvidia, however, this is to ensure better availability of graphics cards.

Kress is optimistic about it, however, saying that the situation will improve every quarter of this year and that Nvidia feels it is in a position solid for the second half of 2022.