LG CX and LG GX OLED TVs: Dolby Vision with 4K at 120 Hz is also coming to us, supported by Xbox

LG CX and LG GX OLED TVs: Dolby Vision with 4K at 120 Hz is also coming to us, supported by Xbox


Available for some time in Korea, the update for OLED TVs of the LG CX and LG GX series, tested by the youtuber Amok4All at the beginning of September, enables Dolby Vision in 4K at 120 Hz on televisions rather appreciated by gamers for the relationship between price, image quality and refresh.

The news, reported by Forbes, concerns the global launch of the new firmware for LG CX and LG GX televisions which should take place starting next week. But the distribution will take place in roll out and will therefore not be available to everyone immediately. However, we expect the limit of Dolby Vision at 60 Hz to become a thing of the past before Black Friday, a period of big sales for appliances and video games.

The LG C1 TV already has support for Dolby VIsion 4K at 120Hz, but with the Xbox update it will also show the same screen with the LG CX and GX Xbox Series X supports Dolby Vision 4K at 120 Hz, already available from July on LG C1 and LG G1 series televisions. Here you find our special here our special on how to best use the C1 with the next generation consoles. As for the 2020 models, the version of the update mentioned by Forbes is 04.30.10, while the one shown by Amok4All is 03.30.05, but the difference may not be related to the functionality but to the target market.

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LG CX And GX Dolby Vision 120Hz Update Coming ‘Very Soon’

Although it’s taken a little longer than initially expected, LG has told me this morning that it expects to start rolling out a Dolby Vision at 120Hz firmware update for its 2020 CX and GX OLED TVs ‘very soon’ in South Korea, with a wider roll out currently scheduled to begin around the middle of next week. 

The update will fix the current limitation of the CX and GX sets whereby they can only play games in Dolby Vision from the Xbox Series X at a 60Hz frame rate. A limitation, by the way, which is shared by pretty much every other Dolby Vision TV from every other brand.

Owners of LG CX and GX TVs will start receiving a firmware update unlocking Dolby Vision at 120Hz ... [+] support from the middle of next week.

Photo: LG Electronics

Regular readers of my Forbes articles will recall that LG already rolled out a similar update for its 2021 C1 and G1 OLED TVs back in mid June, making it the first brand in the world to offer TVs that support the full capabilities of the recently Dolby Vision-enhanced Xbox Series X console.

LG tells me that the CX/GX update will be delivered globally next week following the initial imminent South Korean launch, rather than it being rolled out in different territories at different times as has happened with some previous LG firmware updates. That said, LG adds that even though they’re going for a global launch, it could take until the end of October for every CX and GX TV to become Dolby Vision at 120Hz-ready. 

As it stands right now the number for the CX/GX Dolby Vision 120Hz update is 04.30.10, but LG wanted me to make it clear that this number may vary between different regions. If anyone finds that it does indeed appear with a different number in their territory once they start seeing it arriving on their TVs, feel free to let me know via the Twitter account link in my contact details at the bottom of this article.

LG does not yet have any more information on its progress in finding a similar Dolby Vision 120Hz solution for its 2019 9-series OLEDs, but I will of course provide an update on this as soon as there’s anything certain to report.

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