Codemasters at work on the most ambitious game of the last decades

Codemasters at work on the most ambitious game of the last decades

A few months have passed since Codemasters, a historic development house dedicated to racing video games, passed under the protective wing of the videogame giant Electronic Arts. During this time, DiRT 5 and F1 2021 came out on the market with good results, while GRID Legends is expected for 2022; meanwhile, the Codemasters Cheshire team who worked on DiRT5 have just said they are working on a very ambitious project.

Exputer was spreading the rumors after stumbling upon a job advertisement of Codemasters that leaves no room for doubt: according to the ad, the studio is working on "the largest and most ambitious game that Codemasters has ever created in recent decades". There are not many details about it, of course, but given the history of the productions of the development house we are ready to bet that this is a new racing game.

Given the mammoth development times of the Triple A titles , surely we will hear about this ambitious project much later in time, given that at the moment the efforts of Codemasters are mostly focused on upcoming releases such as GRID Legends. According to GamingBolt, however, it could be a new episode of DiRT Rally because in a past interview with Mike Moreton, lead designer of DiRT 5, he spoke of the studio's desire to distinguish DiRT games from DiRT Rally ones.

Ever since Codemasters joined EA, the parent company has always said they want to allow the development studio to retain its creative freedom. Hoping that this promise will be kept over time, we are curious to know what the ambitious title the developers are working on really will be. Meanwhile, the latest racing game released on the market is Hot Wheels Unleashed by the Italian Milestone studios: read our review before trying it.

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