Will Nintendo Switch Pro improve the performance of older games?

Will Nintendo Switch Pro improve the performance of older games?

We've gotten a little used to the news on Nintendo Switch Pro by now. In the last period, a lot of them have been emerging, and even today we will bring you yet another one, but the latter could be really interesting if it were made official. Yesterday we talked to you about a technical aspect of the Japanese console which, apparently, should mount a new NVIDIA architecture called Lovelace Ada. Another that would confirm the 720p resolution with a price that would be around $ 399.99.

The rumor that is going crazy on the web in these hours would confirm the arrival of Nintendo Switch PRO for 2022 and "will improve the performance and quality of games for Switch and Switch Lite" in a similar way to that seen with PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. To report this surprising news is the insider NateDrake who also claims that the console will be shown during the year, but not specifying an official date or window.

These are obviously mere speculations, and how as usual we invite you to take them with due pliers, but if this were true it would still be extremely important statements. Furthermore, the console should debut with a line up of new games, many of which are still in development and not yet known. Even today, Nintendo has not officially announced an improved version but has limited itself to stating that the company is always ready to develop new hardware to improve the experience for its audience.

In short, we are talking about yet another rumor of a console that has not currently been made official but is still almost ready to be presented. To date, only the rumor concerning the resolution has made enthusiasts turn their noses slightly, considering it not exactly competitive with other machines on the market. For any news and additional information regarding Nintendo Switch Pro, please follow our pages.

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