Nintendo Switch: A calculator is beating the big triple A's on Metacritic

Nintendo Switch: A calculator is beating the big triple A's on Metacritic

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch shop has always given us titles that are nothing short of unusual. Fans of the Japanese house are harshly criticizing some choices made with the inclusion of some really insufficient works at exaggerated prices, Calculator is one of these even if it is not really a video game. The calculator inserted in the Nintendo e-shop could have gone unnoticed, but when you see that it is sold at an exaggerated price we understand the situation can degenerate in a moment.

In short, what has struck users even more , is the price with which this application was put on sale, which can also be found for free on many other mobile devices. This is available for purchase on the Nintendo Switch eShop starting last May 12 and does nothing but digitally simulate all the major functions of a normal calculator.

The curious thing is that the Calculator application has been included in the well-known Metacritic site, where it has received extremely positive reviews. The user score reached an astounding 9.1 by beating triple-A games of the likes of Animal Crossing New Horizons and Sony's excellent Spider-Man. Obviously, it should be noted that gamer reviews should not be taken seriously as most have reviewed it in a joking way. There are those who recommend it to make calculations for open world RPG games or those who hope that it will win the coveted prize at the next Game Awards.

In short, although Calculator is an application that we obviously do not recommend buying, there are people who have enjoyed carrying on this particular "wave". It remains absolutely curious that this has achieved absurd votes on Metacritic testifying how the site is not entirely truthful in terms of votes. Let us know yours with a comment below in the dedicated section, in the meantime we invite you to stay tuned on our pages to discover all the curiosities in the videogame field.

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