GT Manager available for free on Android and iOS: engines roar in the launch trailer

GT Manager available for free on Android and iOS: engines roar in the launch trailer

GT Manager available for free on Android and iOS

The world of Gran Turismo enthusiasts expands with a new production for the mobile device market, developed by The Tiny Digital Factory, a software house based in France.

GT Manager allows gamers who love motor racing to manage your own GT team and ride some of the most iconic circuits in the world at full speed. The universe of management systems and the passion for motorsport meet in this production, now available on Android and iOS devices. GT Manager arrives on mobile stores in the free to play format and is therefore completely free to download.

Among the possibilities offered by GT Manage r, we find the following features:

Driver management; 19 official cars included, including Porsche, Mercedes, McLaren, Nissan, Audi, Chevrolet, Renault / Alpine, Ford, Honda, Aston Martin, Brabham and Saleen; Construction of its own headquarters, with up to five buildings and 12 departments, with the possibility of investing in its own production plant and in research and development, recruiting pilots, engineers and sponsors; Ranking of the league to climb by obtaining points in the Championship; Daily endurance races, sprints, as well as night and seasonal events, along 11 circuits; 1vs1 online races, with weekly and seasonal rankings; Definition of race management and tire use strategies; To celebrate the debut of the title on Google Play and App Store, the development team has released a special GT Manager launch trailer, which you can view directly at the opening of this news.

GT Manager is a motorsport management game out now for iOS and Android

Tiny Digital Factory has now launched GT Manager from the pit stop and released the racing management game at the heart of motorsport for iOS and Android devices.

GT Manager puts you in control of your own motorsport team, where you are able to master the art of the race as a racing team manager through an experience centred in tactical decision making done from the pit.

The game promises a deep immersive experience, where you will reinforce your expertise on the track and network with other leading experts to get ahead in the chaotic world of motorsport.

You control every aspect of the GT team, before, during and after the race. You will make major decisions regarding investments and budget management of the team. From the team’s factor, you can manage more aspects of the team’s life including their training and their sponsorship scouting.

On the track, however, there’ll be even more factors to consider. It’s not just about going faster than your rivals, but you also need to consider tire wear, car settings, and the information provided by your race team.

“GT Manager has been conceived by a team with many years of experience in developing racing games. GT Manager is the result of our expertise and we are proud to offer the first racing game fully developed, produced and edited by our Lyon-based studio from The Tiny Digital Factory”, explained Stéphane Baudet from The Tiny Digital Factory.

You can download GT Manager now from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store, where it is a free to play title containing adverts and in-app purchases.

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