Mass Effect Legendary Edition: dayone patch revealed

Mass Effect Legendary Edition: dayone patch revealed

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Fans of the Mass Effect series are looking forward to getting their hands on the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which will be released on May 14 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC. Today we learn that an update to the dayone will also be released, which will optimize its characteristics and which will have a substantial weight on consoles. This patch was discovered directly in the PlayStation servers, which reveals its contents and dimensions: the Mass Effect Legendary Edition dayone update will weigh 11 GB on PS4 and PS5.

Although there is no official confirmation yet. versions for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, we don't think the weight will be very different. In these cases, the size of the update differs very little between different platforms and probably even on the Xbox editions the patch will weigh on 11 GB. Meanwhile, again from the PlayStation servers we discover what will be the contents of this update which, although very useful, are not as interesting as you might expect.

We must therefore be content with generic improvements to Mass's performance and stability Effect Legendary Edition, now always present in these updates. In addition, it seems that the visual effects of ambient occlusion will be added, which will offer the scenarios greater beauty. Also improved the lighting system, one of the most interesting technical innovations of this re-edition of Mass Effect.

We also remember that there are good news for PC players too, as Nvidia has previously released driver updates for full support for Mass Effect Legendary Edition. In short, we can expect even more beautiful environments and a decidedly high overall stability thanks to this update. Do not forget that we have already talked to you about the weight of the title on PC in our recent article. Stay connected on our pages to not miss further updates on the title, arriving on May 14.

You can pre-order Mass Effect Legendary Edition on Amazon in PS4, Xbox One or PC version.

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition is out on May 14, and you can get the game for $10 off on Newegg, provided that you're planning to play on Xbox. For remastered and reworked versions of three classic and extremely long role-playing games, it's a very good deal. To take advantage of the savings, all you have to do is add Mass Effect Legendary Edition to your Newegg cart and then enter the code EMCEUTE35 when the promotional code box pops up. You'll see the discount applied at checkout, confirming that $10 has been subtracted from your total.

Though the game is listed as both an Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S game, there isn't a bespoke next-gen version, at least not yet. You should see better performance on the newer consoles, but the games were reworked for Xbox One first.

Alongside graphical improvements, Mass Effect Legendary Edition also provides a more unified combat system across the three games. In the original Mass Effect, the third-person shooting was stiffer than it was in its two sequels, but this should no longer be the case with the new collection. Making sure your character data and decisions carry between the games should also now be much easier, given that they'll all be together.

You can preorder Mass Effect Legendary Edition now. For more savings from Newegg, you can also get $10 off Resident Evil Village for Xbox, complete with cross-buy support. You can take advantage of a larger PC game sale, too, which includes deals on the Yakuza series and a whole bunch of Bandai Namco and Focus Home Interactive titles:

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