Will PS5 have an Xbox Game Pass-style service? Sony would be working on it

Will PS5 have an Xbox Game Pass-style service? Sony would be working on it

If there is one thing on which Microsoft should be praised more than all the video game companies in recent years, it is the services dedicated to the world of gaming. With Xbox Game Pass first, and xCloud later, the Redmond house has managed to regain much of the trust it had lost during the first few years of the Xbox One generation. With services already so established, many have long been wondering if PS5 will one day aspire to release their Game Pass.

The PS Now could certainly be an excellent starting point for a Sony service in full style Xbox Game Pass. At the moment the two choices are not entirely comparable, given that the catalogs and the choice proposed to the public is distinctly different. According to David Jaffe, the father of the God of War series, however, Sony would already be working on a similar service, so as to be able to counter everything that Microsoft has been carrying out for several years now.

During the last live broadcast on his YouTube channel, David Jaffe opened up a lot to his audience by answering a series of questions he was asked. What God of War's dad said about a Game Pass-like service on PS5 is as follows: “There will be an answer to Xbox Game Pass. What I can say is that I know they are working on something because I know people at Sony and I know they are working on something about it ”.

In short, from Jaffe's words you can guess everything or nothing. That Sony may want to give its fans a subscription service that embodies the vision of the Japanese company is not something to be taken for granted today; given that on PS5 the company is still pushing very hard on PS Plus, PS Now and the recent collection of the best titles of the last generation proposed with the Plus.

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