Will Monster Hunter Rise have a DLC with over 20 new monsters?

Will Monster Hunter Rise have a DLC with over 20 new monsters?

Monster Hunter Rise is the exciting new chapter of the famous Capcom saga born in 2004. Released last March 26, it has totaled sales of 5 million copies on Nintendo Switch in a few days, a crazy result for the entire franchise. . The title is probably the best of the series, surpassing even that little gem of World which has managed to bring even those not really accustomed to the genre thanks to a decidedly more dynamic and satisfying gameplay than in previous chapters.

Although just over a week has passed, several rumors have already appeared online about the next expansion coming, theoretically, next year: Monster Hunter Rise G. AsterikAmpersand, a modder of the glorious series, would therefore have taken a look at the data of Capcom which have been leaked online recently uncovering more details on the substantial update. This would be expected in the course of 2022 and will introduce several innovations including more than 20 new monsters, 5 additional locations and a new game mechanic that will help develop even more the new "switch skills" that many of you will be mastering in these. days.

Although these details on the next expansions would seem to be true, we invite you as usual to take everything with due pliers as Capcom has not yet formalized everything. In any case, Monster Hunter Rise turns out to be an incredible title to say the least, with some mechanics such as the "thread insects", the new companions "canyne" or the endemic fauna, which help in an incredible way the exploration and the speed of the game.

2019 Rise G plans indicate between 20 to 30 extra monsters. 5 additional stages. An outright skip of base Rise option. Western Yokai Motifs. And a new element to further dig into Silkbinds and Switch Skills.

- AsteriskAmpersand (@ AsteriskAmpers1) April 1, 2021

Consequently, we would like to recommend it especially to those who want to get closer to the franchise, in the meantime we leave you our detailed review at this address. For all the news and additional information regarding Monster Hunter Rise and its next expansion, we invite you to stay tuned to our pages.

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