Valheim: VR mod available for SteamVR and OpenVR viewers, here it is in video

Valheim: VR mod available for SteamVR and OpenVR viewers, here it is in video


The Valheim VR mod is available for headsets compatible with Steam VR and OpenVR technologies. The package allows you to play the Iron Gate title in virtual reality.

Downloadable for free from the usual Nexus Mods, the VR mod promises to make the Valheim experience, capable of selling six million, even more immersive and engaging. of copies in six weeks: a success that shows no signs of stopping.

"This mod will allow you to play using native OpenVR support in stereoscopic 3D", reads the official description. "Motion detection controls aren't supported yet, but we're working on it."

"Valheim's VR mod is primarily meant to be played in first person, but it does support zooming out using the scroll wheel. mouse to switch to third person view if you prefer. I have included this feature to provide better angles when building objects. "

" In first person mode I made the character's head invisible. however, they are animations that require you to lean forward, for example when cutting wood, so you will see the headless character bend in front of you. "

" Initially I had connected the view directly to the position of the head, so that it was dragged into the animation: although more realistic, this solution was not very comfortable. "

Below you can see a first gameplay video with Valheim's VR mod in action.

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Experience Valheim VR With This New Mod

Valheim has plenty to offer its players, but one thing it doesn't have is a VR mode. Rest easy, however, as a modder is on the case to make Valheim VR a reality with a newly-released mod on Nexus Mods using OpenVR or SteamVR to let you play Valheim as a VR game.

Released today by Brandon Mousseau and uploaded by user 'manicmoose99,' this mod allows any Valheim player who has access to OpenVR or SteamVR to play in VR with full stereoscopic 3D. Since most players know what 'play this game in VR' means, most of the mod's description goes into the development process and installation requirements. The mod itself requires BepInExPack Valehim, which is a mod framework for Unite games. BepInEx also comes with Harmony, which is used to patch existing methods in C# libraries. Players will also need an HMD that supports OpenVR/SteamVR. Brandon tested it with a Valve Index, but it should work with any other one that meets the requirements.

As for what's planned, the mod doesn't support motion controls just yet but will be available in a future update, along with improved GUI interactions. It should be possible to play this mod with other players, even if they aren't playing in VR. Since Valheim wasn't designed to be a VR game (for now,) it's likely that the implementation won't be perfect and may have issues with motion sickness. Again, this mod is still very much in the experimental phase, so expect bugs, and Valheim is an Early Access game, so updates to the game may mess up the mod. 

Valheim can be found on Steam. VHVR can be found here on Nexus Mods. Be sure to read the mod's page to get all the instructions for properly installing it.