Valheim becomes Fable 2 in this fantastic creation

Valheim becomes Fable 2 in this fantastic creation

On Valheim we have already seen and heard galore. The Viking-themed sandbox survival has become a real phenomenon to watch in which fans can get lost in the vast and customizable game world. One of the favorite activities of fans of the title is certainly the possibility of giving life to a whole series of creations also inspired by other virtual worlds seen and visited in many other video games of all kinds.

What inspired the recent creation of the user known online with the nickname “GH05T” is one of the most iconic buildings of Fable 2: Fairfax Castle. The fan in question has posted on Reddit a whole series of screenshots that highlight the impetuosity of his creation which, to see the size and the care with which it was made, could have taken him a lot of time.

The creator also stated that it is possible to visit the inside of the castle, and that his creation does not just emulate the outside. The user also wanted to give more prominence to his creation by uploading a video on YouTube that shows a 360 ° view of the completed project on Valheim. We are also told that the castle has been placed on the highest seed mountain of his game, in the northern part of the map.

Valheim's totally unexpected success is still holding up very well. Although the title is not recording the crazy numbers of the period of its release, the game still in early access has been able to build and keep a good slice of players, so much so that many are alongside the Viking title with the ever-green Minecraft.

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