Resident Evil Village introduces new enemies

Resident Evil Village introduces new enemies

The weekend brings with it a new demo of Resident Evil Village but also some updates regarding the enemies present in the new chapter of the Capcom franchise. The players have already had the opportunity to get to know Lady Dimitrescu, one of the first villains presented by the publisher and developer but obviously there will be many others within the game and thanks to the reveal that took place in the past few hours we can finally present them to you.

As you can learn, Lady Dimitrescu will not actually be the main villain of Resident Evil Village. The vampire woman is in fact one of the servants of Mother Miranda, who will be the real enemy of the new chapter. In addition to the Vampire, the other servants are Karl Heisenberg, an engineer who lives in the factory he teaches to his family, Salvatore Moreau defined by Capcom as one of the most horrible characters on earth and Donna Beneviento, who maneuvers a puppet named Angie, complete with a covered face.

Obviously the secrets do not end there. Mother Miranda's servants are just the tip of the iceberg of the new Resident Evil Village. In fact, there are several mysteries surrounding the story of the new chapter of the made in Capcom saga, including the possible and vast links between the previous chapter of the saga, or the seventh. In fact, some rumors speak of a trilogy connected between chapter 7, chapter 8 and a possible chapter 9: it is therefore not excluded that there may be real plot twists regarding the plot.

Resident Evil Village will debut on May 7, 2021. The title will arrive on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S but also PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Google Staff. Some copies have recently been leaked in Australia, so we obviously invite you to pay particular attention to any spoilers that could soon reach the network, thus ruining the gaming experience.

Before playing the eighth chapter, we recommend that you absolutely recover Resident Evil 7: you can find it on Amazon.