PS5: Xbox exclusive migrates to Sony consoles, date and details

PS5: Xbox exclusive migrates to Sony consoles, date and details


In recent weeks, the arrival of MLB The Show 21 on Xbox and within the Xbox Game Pass subscription service has been discussed a lot. The baseball title is one of the historic PlayStation exclusives developed directly by Sony San Diego Studio, a team that until now has always released its productions exclusively on PS4 and PS5</a> consoles. Now, apparently, it looks like the "favor" is about to be returned, with an Xbox exclusive coming to Sony consoles.

Let's talk about the recent Call of the Sea, the exploratory adventure full of puzzles developed from the guys from Out of the Blue Games. The title was released in the early days of last December only on the Xbox family consoles and on PC, remaining for several months an exclusive intended only for Microsoft platforms. Now, with a new announcement made by the development team, we learn that Call of the Sea is ready to land on PS4 and PS5 as well.

The announcement was made on Twitter, where the Spanish team has proposed a sort of small collage of images that form the iconic PlayStation logo. Everything has been embroidered with a caption that confirms the arrival of Call of the Sea on PS4 and PS5 next May. In short, even owners of a Sony console will soon be able to set out on a journey in search of a loved one who has disappeared on an island full of mysteries.

We are excited to announce that Call of the Sea is coming to PS4 and PS5 in May 2021!

- Call of the Sea | Out Now! (@COTSGame) April 13, 2021

At the moment no further information has been given, nor a better specified launch date. We are sure, however, that in the course of the weeks leading up to the release of the title, the guys of Out of the Blue will be able to delight us with some more substantial information on this new release.

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PS5’s New Update Has A Surprise Expansion Of One Its Best Features



The new PS5 update is here, the first major upgrade to the console’s functionality since launch back in November. And while Sony released an official list of changes yesterday, it turns out there were a few more hiding, which we can see now that the patch is actually out in the wild.

I found these via The Verge’s Tom Warren, and was surprised to see an expansion of one of the cooler things I think the PS5 does.

First, some of the unlisted changes:

  • There’s a new option to auto-switch HDR off when viewing SDR content
  • More PC monitors are being supported with the PS5 with 120hz.
  • But my favorite change is something that my PS5 has already kind of done with my Sony TV to this point, the ability to change a setting so that when you turn on your PS5, it automatically turns on your TV and switches to the correct input.

    My Sony TV has done this from the start, but now that functionality appears to be expanded to other TVs as well, not just Sony ones. And there’s also the addition of “power off link” which is sort of the opposite. Turning off your TV will put your PS5 into rest mode. I don’t believe this is something that exists for the PS5 now, even on my Sony TV.

    (Photo by Phil Barker/Future Publishing via Getty Images via Getty Images)

    Future Publishing via Getty Images via Getty Images

    It’s a small thing, but a nice quality of life feature that I’ve enjoyed when using the PS5 to date. Being on my Xbox or Switch input, or in then menus of my smart TV, all you have to do is press the PS button on the PS controller to turn on the system and have it switch to the correct input. I don’t think it has turned on the TV itself to this point, but I could be mistaken. Regardless, it’s cool to see this feature expand in a few different ways.

    I am continuing to hold out hope for larger improvements to PS5’s UI and its PS button menu and functionality, though after six months, my muscle memory is starting to relearn how to do things using that new bar and its power options. But I’d still rather have it go back to the old way.

    In any case, it’s a solid update all around, and the main addition in the listed updates, the ability to use external storage now to transfer games on and off the SSD, is going to be very useful.

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