Problems for OnePlus 9 Pro, users report excessive overheating

Problems for OnePlus 9 Pro, users report excessive overheating

Problems for OnePlus 9 Pro

Some users who have come into possession of OnePlus 9 Pro have massively reported obvious overheating problems on social networks, which seem to be related to the extensive use of the camera.

The reports were reported by the Android Authority website: a user complained that he experienced this problem firsthand while trying to shoot a one-minute 4K video, while others were not even able to take simple pictures.

The smartphone's high temperature is therefore to block, in a completely automatic way, some standard smartphone features such as the camera app.

The overheating problems would also affect the OnePlus 9 Pro battery. On Amazon India, several certified buyers have reported how the overheating warning was displayed even before you could finish setting up your phone. Other problems would also be related to excessive battery usage.

The overheating is getting quite annoying. And the fact that it blocks taking photos is frustrating in the moment.

- Artem Russakovskii (@ArtemR) April 5, 2021

OnePlus has promptly responded to the reports claiming to be working to resolve the problems mentioned with a specific software update that will be released in the coming weeks.

Not indifferent problems if we consider the fact that OnePlus 9 Pro has only been on the market for two weeks and has already received several updates. There were many who stressed the fact that the company should have spent more time perfecting the software of the device before putting it on the market.

OnePlus, in any case, has shown itself to be transparent towards its users, inviting them to submit complaints on the official forum if subject to overheating problems. Not everyone seems to be affected by the problem, our sample used for the review has never exhibited such behavior.

Are you also among the users affected by these sudden overheating? Let us know in the comments below.

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Several OnePlus 9 Pro users are reporting problems with overheating

OnePlus 9 Pro review showing phone

OnePlus 9 Pro review showing phone

Credit: Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

  • Several OnePlus 9 Pro buyers are facing overheating problems with their phones.
  • Most people are reporting that the device heats up while using the camera app.
  • Some are even experiencing overheating issues during setup and charging.
  • Hot off the press, the OnePlus 9 Pro is already facing some usage problems it seems. Multiple new owners of the phone are reporting instances of overheating. The complaints were spotted on Twitter as well as a OnePlus forum thread.

    Many users are saying that their phone is heating up while using the camera app. One user, in particular, was trying to record a 4K 60fps clip but only managed to get footage worth a minute because of overheating. Another OnePlus 9 Pro owner couldn’t even take a picture in sunlight due to the overheating problem.

    OnePlus 9 Pro overheating complaints from Twitter

    OnePlus 9 Pro overheating complaints from Twitter

    Credit: Twitter

    The phone’s overheating warning pops up in such scenarios, automatically blocking some functions like the camera app.

    Some OnePlus 9 Pro owners are also noticing the problem while charging their phones. Over at Amazon India, multiple verified buyers have reported similar issues. One of them said that their OnePlus 9 Pro started displaying the overheating warning before they could even finish setting up the phone.

    In some cases, overheating problems are also resulting in severe battery drain.

    It’s unclear what’s causing this issue and if it affects just a small number of units or is a more widespread problem. OnePlus could possibly issue a fix through an OTA update if the overheating is happening because of some software bug. However, the company is yet to acknowledge the matter officially.

    Are you a new OnePlus 9 Pro owner facing overheating troubles? If so, describe your problem in the comments section below.