Nintendo Switch and Instax Mini Link: a printer for New Pokémon Snap photos

Nintendo Switch and Instax Mini Link: a printer for New Pokémon Snap photos

Nintendo Switch and Instax Mini Link

Nintendo Switch is about to launch an app that will allow users to use an Instax Mini Link as a printer for New Pokémon Snap photos.

Available starting April 30, the app is really simple to use. as illustrated in the video tutorial that you find at the bottom and which takes advantage of the experience of New Pokémon Snap.

"Print your favorite shots directly from Nintendo Switch thanks to the new Instax Mini Link Special Edition and the new dedicated app available from 30/04! ", reads the Nintendo tweet.

" The instax mini Link app for Nintendo Switch is also compatible with the other products of the instax mini Link line. "

Gamers of the old guard can only see this collaboration as a sort of return to origins for Nintendo, which in the late 1990s had launched two Game Boy accessories to take pictures and print them.

Of course, technology has made great strides in the meantime, and so an unlikely application such as adding a camera to a monochrome handheld and allowing those photos to be printed appears today as a real and interesting possibility. > Source Did you notice any errors?

Fujifilm and Nintendo team up on a Switch-themed Instax printer

Fujifilm has launched a new Instax Mini Link smartphone printer variant with colors that may remind you of the Nintendo Switch. The new variation has an ash white base color with a red trim at the output section and a power button with a blue trim. While you'll be able to buy it as a standalone product, it'll also come in a limited edition bundle with a Pikachu silicone case. The company has revealed the new variant to coincide with the introduction of its Instax Mini Link app for Nintendo Switch, which will make it much easier to print screenshots from Switch games. 

Whenever you want to print a screenshot, just select it from your Switch album and choose Send to smartphone to generate a QR code that you can scan with the new app. You can edit the image within the app or combine it with one of the frames available from Link's Frame Print function. Fujifilm even added 59 new frame options to choose from with designs that feature Super Mario, Animal Crossing and New Pokémon Snap characters. The app also comes with a customizable interface, allowing you to choose from three themes based on the aforementioned games.

The new Instax Mini Link app for Nintendo Switch will be available for download for iOS and Android users on April 30th. Fujifilm's Nintendo-themed Instax printer is also coming out on the same day, though the company has yet to reveal its pricing. 

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