League of Legends: Ninja's fastest rage quit in history

League of Legends: Ninja's fastest rage quit in history

League of Legends

League of Legends was the protagonist, unfortunately unintentionally, of one of the strangest episodes of Twitch, which involved Ninja. The popular US streamer (who we remember for being the first character to bind exclusively to a platform) has in fact held a decidedly unusual behavior for the site and above all for the caliber of his figure.

What he did Ninja? He simply performed the fastest rage quit in history during a League of Legends ranked match. Not only from the game though: the streamer has in fact decided to close his live streaming as well. All in a very short time window of about 5 minutes. Exactly: 300 seconds were enough to be able to make the boy nervous and that is why this is probably the fastest rage quit ever remembered.

A real shame for his whole fan base but it is also a decidedly curious thing . A streamer of the caliber of Ninja, really known by everyone (also thanks to the conduct of him at New York's New Year 2020 live from Times Square) has not really been able to withstand the pressure of a game of League of Legends? Really strange, considering that for a month now he has decided to approach the title, so much so that he has reached Platinum IV level.

Beyond this episode and the performance on League of Legends, Ninja was also the protagonist of another event on Twitch, this time independent of his figure. In fact, last week the platform decided to ban several bots that falsified data on followers and viewers. The largest channels have been affected by this phenomenon, also losing millions of subscribers, apart from Ninja, which has only lost 200,000 followers. A very small number for a figure of his caliber and his popularity.

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Riot 'Scruffy' to join League of Legends' MMO team as game director

Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has confirmed his departure from the League of Legends' dev team and will be the new game director for Riot Games’ upcoming League MMO.

Scruffy has been one of the most popular Rioters among the League of Legends community. After spending almost nine years as the gameplay design director of the MOBA team, Scruffy will finally be shifting over to a new role.

He will be joining League of Legends' former designer director, Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street for Riot's new MMO project.

Riot is yet to confirm a replacement for Scruffy for League of Legends' gameplay design director post. Riot is still working on the details of his transition between MOBA and MMO.

League of Legends MMO game screen (Image via Riot Games)

League of Legends MMO game screen (Image via Riot Games)League of Legends MMO game screen (Image via Riot Games)

Scruffy played a pivotal role in maintaining the game transparency between the devs and the players. He also actively communicated with League of Legends fans, fetching regular feedback from them.

In his most recent tweet, Scruffy had this to say:

“Personally, working on League for the last eight years has been the honor of my life. The talented dev team and the passionate players like you have been a critical part of building and improving my favorite game. I’ve enjoyed every day of it so far and I’m looking forward to our next big adventure together.”

He is well-known to the League of Legends community for his expert opinions on champion insights and game details. Scruffy often posted patch previews, updates, and future tweaks quite regularly for Riot.

League of Legends' former design director also posted a series of dev blogs called Quick Gameplay Thoughts. It featured summarized insights of the dev team's future decisions related to League of Legends and its upcoming updates.


Scruffy assured fans that he believes in the management and their vision. Players can expect the same grade of transparency and engagement from the new dev leads.

Here's how he put it:

'I'm very confident in the League team's direction and the future of the game. Expect the same transparency, quality, and openness to feedback as we've tried to live up to over the years.'

His latest League of Legends dev blog included future gameplay tweaks and the developer team's plans for the days ahead. It included the addition of a new tank and enchanter items along with the latest Rammus update.

Published 18 Apr 2021, 19:10 IST