Intel Ice Lake-SP, Xeon W-3335 put to the test in a benchmark

Intel Ice Lake-SP, Xeon W-3335 put to the test in a benchmark

Intel Ice Lake-SP

Now that Intel has finally launched its third-generation "Ice Lake" Xeon scalable server processors, it is only a matter of time before the company also releases Xeon W-Series workstation CPUs based on the same architecture. Apparently, some of these CPUs are already in circulation and are being tested by various workstation manufacturers.

In fact, recently Puget Systems has made a system based on the Intel Xeon W-3335 processor, equipped with a frequency of 3.40GHz, using Gigabyt's single socket MU72-SU0 motherboard and and pairing it with 128GB of DDR4 memory (split into eight 16GB modules) and NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 graphics card. The exact specifications of the CPU are unknown, but given the model number (3335), we can assume that this is an entry-level product.

Puget System used its PugetBench for Premiere Pro 0.95.1 to evaluate the performance of the machine, scoring 926 points overall (standard export: 88.2; standard live playback: 126.1; effects: 63.6; GPU score: 63.6). For comparison, a system based on 12-core AMD Ryzen 5900X, 16GB of RAM and a GeForce RTX 3080 scored 915 points overall (standard export: 100.9; standard live playback: 79.6; effects: 93.9 ; GPU score: 100.7). Since we don't know the exact specifications of the Intel W-3335 CPU, it's difficult to draw conclusions about its performance, especially bearing in mind that the platform drivers may not be the final ones.

Intel has not yet revealed what to expect from the its Xeon W series “Ice Lake” processors, but in general the company tends to include the key features of its server products on the workstation variants as well. In the case of the Xeon W-3335 it is evident that the CPU maintained an eight-channel memory subsystem, but we know nothing about the number of supported PCIe lanes.

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