GMC unveils many details of the new Hummer EV SUV

GMC unveils many details of the new Hummer EV SUV

A few days ago General Motors officially presented the new Hummer EV in the SUV version in livestream, finally revealing some technical details relating to the new electric beast that it is about to bring to the market.

Compared to the version with pick-up body , this SUV offers some unique and very interesting features: first of all it starts with a chassis with a 22cm shorter wheelbase than the pick-up model, and this translates into a smaller turning radius, equal to 10.8 meters. To further facilitate maneuvers in the strait, GMC has installed a steering system that also includes the rear wheels, thus allowing you to take advantage of the 'crabwalk' mode to get out of uncomfortable situations such as the one shown in the video that we report below. >
Judging by the widespread technical data, it seems that the SUV version could prove to be an excellent solution for off-road vehicles: in addition to the shorter wheelbase (321cm) and reduced projections - up to a maximum of 279mm - the new Hummer EV has angles of attack and exit that easily exceed 45 °. For the most extreme situations, you can always rely on the 'Extract Mode', which raises the car from the ground by another 15cm (for a total of just over 40cm) to facilitate the passage. It is possible to install up to 17 cameras throughout the car - even below - to always keep an eye on the situation, obviously all equipped with a special cleaning system to remove the inevitable dirt.

The chassis with a short wheelbase, however, also has disadvantages, marked by the fact that it is an electric car: the batteries are installed right on the floor of the car, and a reduced wheelbase translates into less space for install the batteries. It is for this reason that the SUV version of the new GMC Hummer EV is equipped with 20 Ultium modules against the 24 of the pick-up model, and therefore is limited to "only" 830 horsepower with a range of more than 480 km.

GMC is convinced that this model will be more successful than the pick-up version, and also for this reason it has created an incredible amount of options and accessories dedicated to this version: there are more than 200, starting from the bars lights on the roof to finish the interior embellishments. The first deliveries of the Hummer EV SUV are expected in early 2023.

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