Fortnite: a strange change reveals the return of a beloved place?

Fortnite: a strange change reveals the return of a beloved place?


Some users believe that a small change that Epic Games has made to the world of Fortnite may actually anticipate season 7. The game's update 16.20 would have introduced effects for a large clock that was previously part of Pinnacles Pendants: as we can see, the hands now have a faint and almost disturbing tick. No one knows why this change was made, but some players may have an answer.

User @ Mang0e was the first to report this news on Twitter and to wonder what the need was, on the part of Epic Games , to make this strange change only now. This is the same question that all Fortnite fans are asking themselves in the last few hours, the same players who are waiting for more information on the awaited Season 7. Currently it is not clear if the choice to give sound effects to the watch really has anything to do with it. to do with the next season of the title, since it could also be a simple aesthetic change.

Anyone who has followed the Fortnite teasers, however, knows that Epic Games loves to tease players with these little clues, as well as know that they like to hide all the secrets of the island to let users guess what the next news will be. Moreover, let us not forget that in the past there have been several times clues about the new seasons contained in watches, which is why some believe that in this case the hands will start to go back bringing the Leaning Pinnacles back into the map.

The WEIRDEST update in 16.20:

The Large Clock originally from Tilted Towers has received an audio update, with faint but eerie clock ticks, listen closely But why now? And why is it so cool…

- Mang0e (@ Mang0e_) April 23, 2021

For now we can only speculate and theorize what will be the next steps of Epic Games. There has been talk for a long time (perhaps too long) about a possible return of the iconic town, but there have never been any official confirmations from the company yet. In your opinion, what news await Fortnite players? Please let us know by commenting at the bottom and don't forget to stay tuned so as not to miss any further news on the issue, as they could also arrive in the next few hours.

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Fortnite Item Shop: Radiant Striker returns in Season 6 after 834 days

The Radiant Striker is one of the rarest skins in Fortnite, and it has found its way back to the Fortnite item shop.

The game contains a lot of skins and cosmetics. Some of these are very common and can be seen with almost every player in the game, while others are so rare that people don't even know they exist.

Fortnite is bringing back some of these old cosmetics slowly. A few days back, the most expensive back bling in Fortnite, the Empress back bling, was seen in the Fortnite item shop.

The Radiant Striker skin returned to the Fortnite item shop after a whopping 832 days. This skin was introduced back in Season 3. It's a very simple skin and follows the styling of the Aerial Assault Trooper, minus the helmet and the military camo.

The Radiant Striker skin in Fortnite costs the same as before. Players can get their hands on this skin in the Fortnite item shop for 1200 V-Bucks. As mentioned before, this is a very rare skin.

The Radiant Striker skin had a female counterpart known as the Brilliant Striker. The Brilliant Striker skin in Fortnite happened to be the second most rare skin in Fortnite at one point in time.

However, since the skin made a comeback to the Fortnite item shop in March 2021, it cannot be considered that rare anymore.

Both these skins look quite realistic and have a very holographic feel, thanks to the metallic purple color on the armor.

It's amusing to see Epic Games bring back these old skins to the game. From a financial perspective, it's understandable why it's being done. Back in the day, there weren't many players in Fortnite, so bringing these skins now may be an attempt to see if they still appeal to the crowd.

Published 24 Apr 2021, 19:40 IST