Ex Ilva of Taranto, in its place Gigafactory Tesla: the appeal to Musk

Ex Ilva of Taranto, in its place Gigafactory Tesla: the appeal to Musk

Ex Ilva of Taranto, in its place Gigafactory Tesla

Apparently, Tesla Owners Italy turned to Elon Musk, through Twitter, to propose an idea that would interest the former Ilva of Taranto. The intent is to build a Tesla Gigafactory right in the Taranto area, in order to definitively re-evaluate the plant, as it is considered "a sustainable alternative for the environment, a precise and definitive conversion". Unfortunately - as pointed out by the Italian Owners themselves - the Ilva plant has gone down in history due to the very serious damage that has been caused, not only to the environment, but also to the health of many people. For this reason, the revaluation of an area like the one found in the Apulian town - with the construction of a Gigafactory - could represent a symbolic rebirth. Even from an economic point of view, the effort that the CEO of the Tesla brand should face will not be particularly excessive. In fact, the following was explained:

ArcelorMittal bought Ilva for about 2 billion euros, Elon Musk alone has a personal fortune of about 200 billion dollars. If he decided to buy the whole complex himself, he would use about 1% of his wealth.

@elonmusk We need your #GigaFactory in Italy, #Taranto https://t.co/anoSky34rf pic.twitter.com/qtJkxy3GSC

- Tesla Owners Italia (@TeslaOwnersIT) April 21 , 2021

However, considering the capitalization of the US company of Musk, which is around 1,000 billion dollars, buying the former Ilva plant would incur an expense that would affect approximately 0.2% of the Tesla value. Therefore, what Tesla Owners Italia proposed would also mean giving new jobs to all the employees who worked at Ilva since they could be hired in the new Gigafactory. Furthermore, the port of Taranto would represent a strong point for supplying and sorting the cars once assembled. Surely, this is not an easy project to complete. However, Elon Musk's involvement could make things a lot easier than expected. We just have to wait for a response from Tesla to understand if and how things will evolve.

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