Electric trucks, the dedicated charging network needs to be expanded

Electric trucks, the dedicated charging network needs to be expanded

Electric trucks

Electrified vehicles, especially in some countries, are reaching significant sales volumes and, together with their diffusion, it is certainly important to develop a charging network to allow users to travel as smoothly as possible even over long distances. In this regard, Acea and Transport & Environment have made a new request to the European Commission, focusing on the need to install a greater number of charging stations which can therefore also be used for trucks.

Se we refer to the current numbers, it is noted that in Europe the charging points dedicated to heavy vehicles are almost completely absent. Precisely for this reason, the two associations reiterate, at least 11,000 are needed by 2025 and 42,000 by 2030. Together, 300 hydrogen fueling stations would also be needed by 2025, to be increased to 1,000 over the next 5 years.

Our industry is fully committed to the Green Deal and zero-emission road freight transport by 2050. We are investing a lot in zero-emission trucks. But our customers won't invest in these vehicles if they can't easily recharge and refuel them. The upcoming revision of the Dafi is a golden opportunity to ensure that the installation of infrastructure and the putting on the road of zero-emission vehicles go hand in hand, explained Martin Daum, number one of commercial vehicles in Acea.

A now high request that must be accepted in order to achieve the objectives set out in the European Green New Deal, they underline. As the associations explain, electric trucks require dedicated infrastructure for both recharging and hydrogen refueling, considering that the current situation does not allow for a decisive development in the sector. Reason why the European Commission is asked to set binding targets for infrastructure in all EU Member States in the Dafi to ensure seamless cross-border operations.

It is time for the European Commission to wake up for the future of transport is carbon neutral for trucks as well, commented William Todts, executive director of T&E.

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