Diablo 2 becomes a battle royale thanks to a group of fans

Diablo 2 becomes a battle royale thanks to a group of fans

Fire days for Diablo fans. Just yesterday a new phase of closed alpha began for Diablo Immortal, while the news on the fourth main chapter of the saga still remains at the latest BlizzCon Online. To these titles we also add the remake of Diablo 2, definitely one of the most loving games in the history of RPGs. Despite the remake, however, the community of fans devoted to the original game continues to support it with a whole series of very fascinating mods and creations.

Even before the announcement of the recent remake, a group of fans had proposed Project Diablo 2: that is a game version that has been systematically updated over time to allow for small improvements to the great classic. The group of players has brought in many better generals who have been able to raise the quality of life within the game, but now the same team of fans is developing a battle royale mode.

This mode, once it comes released, it will be for a limited time and will offer a very classic battle royale style. Players will enter a new map where monsters will be replaced with "super crates". At that point you will have five minutes to run around naked looking for armor and weapons to loot inside the chests. The rest will be just blows against the enemies to stay the last in life and win the game.

The team, however, intends to introduce some rules as well, for example: some skills will be banned from the battle royale and it will not be possible to reuse the same class for more than one game. In short, an idea that seems very interesting, so we are waiting for new updates on the battle royale of this great classic.

While the next chapters of the Diablo saga are still under development and without a better specified release date, in the meantime you can retrieve Diablo 3 Eternal Collection conveniently on Amazon at this address.