Death Note: Planet Manga announces the Complete Edition

Death Note: Planet Manga announces the Complete Edition

Death Note

Late yesterday afternoon, through its official facebook page, Planet Manga announced Death Note Complete Edition. The publisher wanted to underline that this is not an April Fool (even if the announcement was made on the 2nd of the aforementioned month) and that all the details will arrive with the next Preview catalog expected as always around the 15th of the month. current.

Death Note Complete Edition - the announcement

The announcement confirms that the cult manga signed by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata will be collected in an impressive single volume enriched by a chapter unpublished extra. Death Note Complete Edition will arrive in bookstores and comic shops in June!

Here are the words of the publisher:

There is an announcement that we wanted to let you discover on the next checklists, but we didn't resist. Today is no longer April Fool's time and we are very serious: the DEATH NOTE COMPLETE EDITION will soon be available, the definitive volume of the entire saga, with an extra chapter that has remained unpublished until now! It will be released in June, and will be available for pre-order in the comic shop starting from the publication of the next edition of the Preview (and indicatively pre-order one month before the release on our online store)! All the other details you will find there!

Death Note - a cult manga

Death Note is undoubtedly one of the cult manga of the 2000s. Signed by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata it has been serialized in the magazine Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump from 2003 to 2006. The manga then inspired several light novels, an anime series and several Western movies and live action TV series.

Here is the synopsis of the series directly from the Planet Manga site:

Light Yagami is a brilliant and cynical 17 year old high schooler. His life bores him and the world, with his injustice, disgusts him deeply. Ryuk is a god of death, who like all of his "colleagues" has led an empty existence undermined by boredom since time immemorial. In search of distractions, Ryuk decides to abandon his Notebook of Death in the world of men, apparently a simple notepad, but with tremendous power, because writing a person's name in the Notebook means decreeing their death. After having found the Notebook of Death by chance, and having understood its potential, Light decides to use it to change the world, while Ryuk observes it amused.

While waiting for this new edition of the manga, visit the Amazon page dedicated to Death Note with a wide selection of merchandise!

Madikeri: Man ends life after daughter accuses him of rape - Death note reveals his agony

Daijiworld Media Network - Madikeri (MS)

Madikeri, Apr 3: In a tragic incident that occurred in Maragodu village of Kodagu district, a father killed himself as he could not bear his own daughter falsely accusing him of rape.

Pudiyokkada Bharath (55) is the deceased. He wrote a death note and consumed poison. In the death note, the deceased has written that his wife and elder daughter are responsible for his death. “They accused me of rape and sent him to prison. Though he was released by the court, they did not allow him to live in peace,” he stated in the death note.

'My wife, who has applied for divorce in the court, is demanding money and property. I do not have any property in my name. I have no other way. So I am killing myself. It is difficult to live bearing the accusation of rape. Law of our country with respect to rape should be changed,” he appealed.

Deceased Bharath was accused of rape by his elder daughter Megha. Though court released him free of accusation, he killed himself as he was distraught that the society used to look at him as a rapist.