Days Gone 2 canceled? Ex-director comments on Schreier's words

Days Gone 2 canceled? Ex-director comments on Schreier's words

Last week Jason Schreier upset the hearts of gamers a little by releasing his most recent report. The protagonist of the investigation by the well-known videogame journalist is the alleged internal situation of PlayStation which, according to Schreier's words, has undergone some adjustments in the last period. Among these has also emerged the possibility that Days Gone 2 has been canceled, after the boys of Bend Studios had proposed to Sony some news to be introduced in the sequel to the adventures of Deacon.

Days Gone: Deacon Now, a several days after the release of that report, Jeff Ross, the ex-director of Bend Studios wanted to comment with his opinion on some of the latest issues that have emerged recently. First of all, Ross was a guest in one of David Jaffe's lives, in which he could not answer all the questions posed by the spectators with extreme clarity, but his words in that circumstance seem in one way or another. to get closer to what Schreier flipped.

Later, Jason Schreier posted on Twitter a note he made directly to the community of players, who according to the videogame journalist does everything to deny those news that do not match their tastes . The same ex-director of Bend Studios also responded to that post, who wanted to underline how Schreier is one of the most serious and professional journalists around, with the "luxury of being more honest than what is granted to me" , with this sentence concludes Jeff Ross's post.

Thanks to everyone who attended the podcast with Jaffe. I wish I could have been more forthright with some questions. Just remember @jasonschreier is a journalist who takes his craft seriously. And he has the luxury of being able to be more honest than I'm allowed.

- Jeff Ross (@JakeRocket) April 11, 2021

According to Schreier, Days Gone 2 had been proposed to Sony in 2019, but the company would have denied the boys of Bend Studios to proceed with the development. The result of this, according to the well-known journalist, would have led to the cancellation of the sequel to the open world themed infected, even if, for now, Sony has never made it official.

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