Are you missing video cards to mine? Use a Commodore 64

Are you missing video cards to mine? Use a Commodore 64

In recent weeks we have seen the attempts of some enthusiasts to carry out mining operations on types of devices that are sometimes very dated and glorious, such as the Game Boy. Well, the hunger of modders has not stopped and indeed, from today we have a new device with which it will be possible to carry out these operations. The protagonist of today is the symbol of the 80s, or the Commodore 64, which according to what is reported by the rumors on the net, through a special modification would be able to natively carry out cryptocurrency decoding operations.

The Commodore 64 was launched by CBM in 1982 and was equipped with a MOS technology processor with an operating frequency of 1.023 MHz (or 0.985 MHz, depending on the version) 64KB of RAM and 20KB of ROM, specifications that at the time they were at the top, but today they are only a distant memory that is pleased to note the advances in technology that have taken place in almost 40 years. Seeing these characteristics, no one would have expected such a configuration to be able to undermine the blockchains of current cryptocurrencies, yet the youtuber 8-bit Show And Tell has succeeded.

Credit: 8-bit Show And Tell The video shows the functioning of the software and the performances achieved during the tests, which are obviously without expectations given the dated hardware. It would be more appropriate to define it as an exercise in style and an attempt to refine the algorithm, since the author himself stated that the software, programmed in C, could further increase performance if it were written in machine language. In addition, for the most ardent fans there is also the possibility of adding an expansion card called SuperCPU that can further increase performance.

Obviously the results are not in the least comparable with those obtained by modern hardware, capable of reaching computing powers close to tens of terahash per second, but the attempt by enthusiasts to try to carry out these is still nice and interesting operations on any type of machine, also because as already mentioned in recent weeks, the scarcity of chips will be felt for a long time and apparently has stimulated the community of enthusiasts a lot.

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