PS VR 2: next-gen controllers unveiled by Sony, details and images on the VR of PS5

PS VR 2: next-gen controllers unveiled by Sony, details and images on the VR of PS5


Sony has unveiled to the world, through the pages of the PlayStation Blog, the new controllers for its new virtual reality headset dedicated to PS5 as yet unnamed (but for now commonly called PS VR 2). These new PlayStation VR 2 controllers have a completely new design compared to those used with the previous headband. Let's see the details and pictures.

PS VR 2 controllers have a "spherical" design that allows you to "naturally grip the controller". The controllers are obviously wireless. These controllers feature adaptive triggers similar to those found within the PS5's DualSense. There is no lack of haptic feedback which aims to return deep tactile sensations while playing.

The PS5 controller for PS VR 2 can also "detect fingers without exerting any pressure in the areas where you position your thumb, the index or middle fingers. This will allow you to perform more natural movements with your hands during the game. " The new headset will track the position of the controller thanks to a tracking ring placed at the base of the controller.

The PS5 controller for PS VR 2 will also include an analog stick for each handle, two buttons for each handle (triangle and square on the left, cross and circle on the right), L1, L2 and Create button (left), R1, R2 and Option (right).

Via the PS Blog, Sony explains that the purpose of these new controllers is making a big leap forward over the current model. Prototypes of these controllers will soon be in the hands of developers, so development of dedicated games is likely to start in the short term. Sony finally says it is looking forward to sharing new information about PS VR 2 (unofficial name, we repeat) for PS5.

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PS VR 2 controller looks slick in official pics: here's everything PS5 owners need to know

The follow-up to the PS VR is officially in the works, with Sony confirming the existence of a next-gen PS VR 2 last month. While we didn't get a look at the headset, Sony has just given us our first look at the PS VR 2 controller, which builds on the DualSense and its added level of immersion. Gone are the wands of the PlayStation Move; instead we have a rounded 'orb' that harks back to a Sony patent spotted last year.

The new, ergonomic design ensures the controller is comfy to hold, and Sony stresses that it's been tested with users with a range of hand sizes, so it shouldn't feel unwieldy in the hands to younger gamers, or those with smaller mitts. Sony is keen to highlight key features form the PS5 DualSense controller that have been carried over to the peripheral, including adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, action buttons, and the analog stick. The PS VR 2 controller also features finger touch detection without players needing to press the areas where your digits are resting, and the headset will be able to track the controller via a tracking ring at the bottom of each one.

According to the PlayStation blog, prototypes of the new PS VR 2 controller will be in developer hands soon, so we'll have to wait and see how they utilise the slew of next-gen features for their titles. Sony has already announced six new PlayStation VR games, and given the drastic change in hardware, we doubt they'll be backwards compatible with the OG PS VR.   

PS VR 2 controller

(Image credit: Sony )

Gamers are unable to use the DualSense controller with the PS4, so with the PS VR 2 controllers lifting facets of the design, we can't see last-gen hardware supporting the PS VR 2 at all. The PS VR 2 headset isn't set to launch this year, but Sony hasn't given gamers a window in which we can expect to see it drop. The hardware will be packed full of 'future-proof technology' so it should go the distance for the lifetime of the new console.  

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