Genshin Impact on PS5: all the improvements of the next-gen version

Genshin Impact on PS5: all the improvements of the next-gen version

Genshin Impact on PS5

The beginning of this ninth console generation has already brought to light a whole series of improved versions of the games released in the past few years. Among the various Control Ultimate Editions and next-gen versions of Marvel’s Avengers, rather than the expected GTA V Enhanced, there is a title that over the past few months has been able to build a truly sensational success. We are obviously talking about the free-to-play Genshin Impact, which will soon arrive on PS5 with a whole series of improvements.

The announcement comes directly from the official PlayStation profile on Twitter, thanks to which we can take a first look to the presentation trailer for the PS5 version of Genshin Impact. The colorful and fairytale world of MiHoyo free-to-play also arrives on next-gen Sony consoles with a whole series of technical improvements. First of all, as also pointed out in the post, this version of the title will offer improved graphics compared to the PS4 version.

No less important are the improvements on the efficiency of the uploads, which on PS5 will be reduced. The addition of some exclusive features on the DualSense controller is also inevitable, with the confirmation that Genshin Impact will return to players the new sensations that can be experienced thanks to the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers present in the new PlayStation 5 controller. >
Genshin Impact comes to PlayStation 5 with enhanced visuals, fast loading, and DualSense controller support.

Face (and wield) the elements of Teyvat this Spring.

- PlayStation (@PlayStation) March 31, 2021

The fundamental question still remains to be answered, namely: when will this PS5 version of Genshin Impact be released? According to the trailer released by Sony in these hours, we still don't have a specific launch date for this next-gen version of the successful free-to-play, but it is underlined that the title will arrive very soon on PS5. We just have to figure out when exactly we will be able to enjoy all these improvements of the PlayStation 5 version of the title.

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‘Genshin Impact’ Reveals First Look At PS5 Version, No Word On Switch And Xbox

Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact has been playable on PlayStation 5 since launch, but players have only being playing the PlayStation 4 version. Now, that’s about to change.

Sony and miHoYo have shown off a preview of the full-on PS5 version of Genshin Impact, “coming soon,” though Sony specifically says it will be out this spring, so likely within the next two months.

Among the improvements coming to the game will be faster load times, enhanced visuals and DualSense controller support. There’s a new trailer for this announcement, but it’s a little hard to tell any real difference from the normal version of the game, but I’d have to see them side by side.

Even though loading times are already fast on PS5’s SSD, they should see further improvement past that. DualSense support is hit or miss from me. I like the targeted rumble effects with DualSense, but I really do not like the adaptive triggers, so I’m hoping that’s not too severe, or at least will have a setting to tone down those effects if they have crafted them for each character or something like that, the way we’ve seen some games do to date.

The arrival of Genshin Impact on PS5 also raises questions about where the game is on other consoles. Nintendo Switch players especially have felt like the game is a no-brainer for the system, and if it can run on mobile devices, surely there should be a port possible for Switch. And Xbox fans don’t understand why only Sony players can play Genshin, which is curbing the game’s reach in places like the US where Xbox is more popular than Asia.

All of this likely points to some sort of exclusivity deal between miHoYo and Sony, though that has never been technically announced and no one knows the exact terms of what that might be. In the past, MiHoYo has flat-out said they have no plans to bring the game to Xbox, which would imply not even something like timed exclusivity. Maybe they just don’t…want to? It’s a little strange. Meanwhile, Genshin is allegedly supposed to come to Switch eventually, but it’s been since before pre-release that the topic was last talked about, and we’ve heard pretty much no updates since, leaving fans confused.

For now, it’s mobile, PC, PS4 and soon enough, PS5. We do not have an exact date for the PS5 launch, but I would expect it perhaps when Update 1.5 arrives in mid-May, as my best guess.

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