Tesla and Toyota together again to make a compact SUV?

Tesla and Toyota together again to make a compact SUV?

According to reports from the Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo, Tesla and Toyota have started a new collaboration discourse, with the idea of ​​creating an electric compact SUV by combining the forces of the two companies; it is an operation that would benefit both of them, allowing Toyota to leverage Tesla's hardware and software skills, and at the same time would allow Tesla to access an incredibly refined and consolidated production system like that of Toyota, which allows to turning out 10 million cars a year.

Already in 2010 Toyota and Tesla had started a collaboration: at the time, Elon Musk's company was just an idea of ​​what it has become today, and the two reality put together their efforts to give life to the RAV4 EV, made with components that we later saw on Tesla's Model S. Unfortunately, the collaboration between the two engineering teams cracked to the point of a complete breakup in 2017, when Toyota sold all of its Tesla stock and went out on its own, so to speak.

Da then, Tesla did nothing but grow further and improve its know-how in terms of electric cars, so much so that a giant like Toyota said he was once again interested in collaborating, despite the somewhat controversial statements of the head of the company, Akio Toyoda. It would therefore be a new collaboration with very clear tasks: the Americans would supply batteries and software, which today are undoubtedly the top of the category and which allow very long distances thanks to a high efficiency in energy consumption, while the Japanese would supply us it would put the platform and the production capacities.

However, some doubts remain about the usefulness of making a car of this type, given that Tesla's intentions to build a compact car worth around 20,000 euros are now well known; it's okay not to be afraid of the competition, but even supporting it in building a vehicle with similar characteristics seems a bit strange. We will see how this interesting agreement develops.

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