Valheim: Over 200 textures can be improved with a mod

Valheim: Over 200 textures can be improved with a mod


Valheim, the Viking-themed survival, seems anything but on the way to sunset. Definitively a real "phenomenon" several months ago, it has become in a short time one of the most played titles on Steam with thousands and thousands of players still active. The large community established has also allowed the creation of mammoth works as well as the development of several related mods.

It would seem that in these days a mod has been created that allows you to improve Valheim from all points of view, especially that technical, with obvious improvements to say the least in terms of textures. The one who created all this is “aC0C0NUT”, who has recently released an HD Texture Pack that adds improvements to as many as 255 objects in the Viking survival developed by the guys at Iron Gate AB.

A huge amount of items are included in the package, as mentioned above, these include grass, trees, shrubs, wood and stone building mats, crafting / forging equipment, swords and shields, armor of iron, silver or padded, troll skin, cloaks, boats, banners and much more. Obviously, if you want to try this new experience, just follow this address and download everything.

The Valheim community in a very short time has been populated with a lot of people, ready to improve the game experience by offering ever-changing mods and creations. Viking-themed survival turns out to be simple to play and challenging enough to master, but we know many of you are still having fun like never before. It remains absolutely plausible that given the success of the last period, the developers have already rolled up their sleeves to offer something unique and new that can keep millions of fans around the world glued to their PC. For any news regarding Valheim, please stay tuned to our pages.

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Valheim Update 0.148.7 (Today, March 29) - Full Patch Notes and Music Update

Despite only launching at the start of February, Valhiem has become a phenomenon.

The Viking-RPG from Iron Gate Studios has gone on to sell an astonishing six million units and topped over half a million concurrent players on Steam.

Although the game is only in early access, the developers will no doubt be staggered with the impression that the title has made.

Due to the early access status, however, the game is constantly receiving different updates and patches. Here are the details from the Valheim Update on March 29.

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What’s changing in today’s Valheim update?

As expected, nothing major is changing today. Iron Gate is simply pushing this update out to fix a handful of small bugs, including some sound glitches.

Valheim Update March 29, full patch notes and changes.

Here are the full patch notes from today’s Valheim update. Thankfully the list isn’t too long!

  • Localization updates
  • Added separate walk-sneak snow footstep sfx
  • Music update ( fixed some sound glitches )
  • Credits updated ( Changed the look of the credits screen & added missing names )
  • Hammer, Hoe & Cultivator timing & input tweaks ( Slightly lower use delay & queued button presses for a smoother experience…just for you )
  • What’s next for Valheim?

    Well, earlier this year, Iron Gate laid out the roadmap for their title. This included a new biome, new enemies, new upgrades to the home system and so much more.

    Most recently, we were treated to a mini-glimpse of the first major update the game is set to receive, Hearth and Home.

    The developers first let us know they were well on track, before sharing a sneaky screenshot of what looks like a crow. You can check it out below.

    hearth and home <a href="">release date</a>

    Unfortunately, the studio is yet to confirm a solid release date for this update, but hopefully, it’s not too far away. You can read more details about this update below.