Project Hazel, Razer's hi-tech mask becomes reality

Project Hazel, Razer's hi-tech mask becomes reality

Project Hazel

Razer confirmed this week that its goggle known as Project Hazel, the prototype of which was shown at CES 2021 in January, will become a full-fledged product for sale. This week, during the live streaming of geekinco Show, Mike Scharnikow, senior marketing manager at Razer, confirmed the continuation of the work on Project Hazel:

We had a lot of great… feedback on this prototype at CES and it's something we're actually stepping out of the prototype stage on, embarking on a path to mass production. First we want to get it out, make sure it's a great product and that it's something our fans and customers love and are really using in the best way possible. And then we can find ways to put different colors on it for customization and more.

Scharnikow has confirmed that the goggle is N95-compliant with active ventilation. Razer seems intent on retaining much of the technical features present in the prototype, such as the speaker series that uses Razer's voice amplifier technology to "capture your voice from within the mask and reproduce it in a very crisp, clear, way. natural to the outside world ". They could certainly not miss customizable RGB LEDs that provide battery information and a silicone band to seal the mask against your face to prevent the glasses from fogging.

Razer is known as a major company manufacturers of gaming accessories, but Scharnikow pointed out that it has also been involved in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, for example by converting some of its manufacturing facilities to create masks and donating one million to medical facilities.

Scharnikow was unable to announce a date for the launch of the “bezel of the future”, but more details will be provided over the next few months.

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Razer Confirms Production of Its Project Hazel RGB Mask

Unveiled earlier during CES 2021 to massive popularity, Razer‘s Project Hazel RGB face mask is now becoming a reality, according to the company’s CEO Min-Liang Tan.

Noting his initial concerns that vaccinations may render face masks obsolete, Tan explained to Yahoo Finance that he now believes the accessory will be here to stay for a while longer for a multitude of reasons.

“We’ve realized that even with vaccinations we are hearing you still have to be masked up because there is still the risk factor that even if you’re vaccinated you still need to be incredibly careful,” Tan said in the interview. “Secondly, there are also many countries that are unlikely that are going to get the whole [scale] of vaccinations in the next year or even two so traveling everyone should be very careful.”

“So with that in mind, we are going to go ahead and solve the sustainable aspect of the mask which is one of the big things for us,” he continued. “Project Hazel is going to be a reality. We are going to make it happen and I think we will all be, unfortunately, wearing masks for a long time to come.”

Tan hasn’t revealed any concrete production or release dates for Project Hazel, but those interested can learn more over on Razer’s website.

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