Oculus VR turns 5 celebrating the past and projecting itself into the future

Oculus VR turns 5 celebrating the past and projecting itself into the future

The first Oculus Rift VR model was released five years ago in March 2016. After that great moment for the world of technology and virtual reality, the company has given birth to as many new models such as: Rift, Go, Quest, Rift S and Quest 2. Over the past five years, Oculus has released five different headsets, and each of them has led to major technological advancements and major improvements in how people interact with VR.

The company recently reminded us Over the course of these 5 years, Oculus has provided multiple additions to the VR experience on PC, primarily by replacing the Rift gamepad with the more sensory Oculus Touch controllers, and then by adding internal sensors that have made it even the whole experience in virtual reality is more immediate and less cumbersome. Obviously there was no shortage of games, with some of the titles that have been able to entertain millions of fans including: Beat Saber, Lone Echo, Asgard's Wrath and many others.

There was no lack of revisions and new versions of the hearsets. for VR Oculus which, from 2016 until today, has also placed the GO viewer on the market, a device defined as all-in-one; after which came the pairing Quest and Rift S, two models that eliminated the threads from the equation, so as to allow players to identify even more in the virtual worlds they lived in first person. Last but not least was the Quest 2, the most recent of the VR headsets that hit the market last December.

But what will happen in the next 5 years of Oculus? Michael Abrash, tried to answer this question: “We are exploring a lot. Eye tracking, high resolution panels and sophisticated optics that allow you to permanently eliminate the screen door effect. HDR, so that outdoor scenes look more realistic. The ability to share spaces with people and feel like you are really there with them. We are exploring all technologies for the future. We are very grateful to everyone who has helped make VR real over the past five years, including everyone who has bought a headset or shared it with friends and family. ”

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