Warframe on Xbox Series X: 4K and 60fps with the free to play update

Warframe on Xbox Series X: 4K and 60fps with the free to play update

Warframe on Xbox Series X

A few months after the debut of the free update of Warframe for PlayStation 5, the development team of the famous free to play has announced the arrival of a patch also for the Xbox Series X.

According to what has been declared from Digital Extreme in the last long update on the next news coming to the game, the update for the new generation console from Microsoft will make its debut in the month of April 2021, or in a few weeks. Thanks to this patch, game as a service players will be able to experience the experience at 4K resolution and at 60 frames per second just like on PlayStation 5. Currently, no specific information has been provided on Xbox Series S support and on the official website we talk about exclusively of the black console, although it is possible that the update also supports Series S with 60fps at a lower resolution (probably 1080p or 1440p). It is not clear, however, if the update will introduce the much-desired cross-save, but anyone who plays now on Xbox One will be able to transfer progress on the Xbox Series X | S version without any kind of problem.

Waiting to find out more details on the update and its release date, we remind you that a Warframe video was recently released featuring all the news coming during spring 2021.

Warframe Xbox Series X Release Window Revealed

Warframe has been available on the PlayStation 5 for a few months at this point, but those who own one of Xbox's next-gen consoles have been left waiting for the popular shooter to come their way. Fortunately, developer Digital Extremes has now announced when the game will be coming to Xbox Series X and S platforms and the ensuing wait won't last much longer.

Divulged in a new developer live stream, the team at Digital Extremes revealed that the Xbox Series X upgrade for Warframe will be rolling out alongside Update 30 for the game. Specifically, this update is set to go live at some point in April, meaning that at the very latest, fans will only have about another month to wait to see Warframe get its boost for new Xbox platforms. In all likelihood, we should hear about a more specific release date for Update 30 very soon given this window.

While this is surely the biggest news regarding Warframe for Xbox fans, Digital Extremes is still looking to improve the next-gen iteration of the game on PlayStation 5 as well. When the studio was working on the version coming to Xbox Series X, an issue with the PS5 version was discovered. Upon fixing this problem, the developer found that it was able to cut load times down on PS5 even further. Giving a specific estimation, one developer at Digital Extremes said that the PS5 loading times have now been chopped in half compared to what they were before. So if you thought the game was previously a bit slow to load on the new PlayStation hardware, this fix should rectify your own problem.

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