Free PC game: indiegala gives away a military strategy game

Free PC game: indiegala gives away a military strategy game

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As often happens in this part, Indiegala, the well-known web portal dedicated to video games, is ready to give yet another free game to all PC users. The last on this endless list was The Purring Quest, an indie title starring a plethora of felines, in which we will find ourselves guiding a cat that will have to face a real epic in what is a two-dimensional platformer. Indiegala is obviously not the only store that is ready to delight us with this fantastic service, even Epic Games has long been pampering its subscribers with one or two free works every week.

If you have not done so, you are we invite you to redeem the last on the list, namely Creatures in the Well, graphic adventure and puzzles with side scrolling action, all within a story with a dark atmosphere, in which we will take on the role of ARID, the artificial intelligence of a highly technological combat suit. Returning to the free game offered today by Indiegala we are talking about a military strategy, Age of Steel: Recharge.

Age of Steel: Recharge is a strategic one with a 2D side view in which we will assume the role of a commander who has been entrusted with the management of a military base. Our mission will be to defend it from the tremendous waves of enemies that will appear in front of us every time, improving it with weapons, defenses and much more. The title does not appear to be sensational, with a slightly sketchy plot and a longevity that is around 4 hours. But after all, when it comes to a free game you always have to catch the ball. So, if you are passionate about these strategies, we invite you to retrieve it at this address. For all the news and any free titles, we recommend that you stay tuned to our pages.

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