PS5: The new PlayStation VR will have a banana as a controller

PS5: The new PlayStation VR will have a banana as a controller


Last week was definitely full of announcements and news from Sony regarding the ecosystem linked to PS5. Together with a new State of Play that showed us a roundup of games, the Japanese company has unveiled its plans for the future of virtual reality made in PlayStation. After a first viewer released in October 2016, PlayStation 5 will also have its next-gen version of the VR helmet.

Despite Sony's announcement, the company has preferred not to go into too much detail. to the new VR headset model for PS5. To find out something more concrete about this new hardware we will probably have to wait until 2022, but apparently, according to some patents that have recently appeared on the net, it is already possible for us to try to imagine some features of the new viewer currently in development. and coming in the near future.

It is not the first time that Sony patents have tried to open a window from which to look ahead to the future of PlayStation hardware: this time, what we have seen outlines the profile of a hardware built around really curious and extravagant ideas. According to a couple of figures that appeared online, it seems that the controller of the next PSVR viewer will be a banana. Not banana-shaped like the famous DualShock 3 concept that appeared at E3 2005 (does anyone remember?), But a real banana.

As often happens on these occasions, it is by no means certain that the images refer to the final product, also because in short, it would be really particularly absurd to tinker with a banana while wearing a virtual reality helmet. What do you think of this latest patent dedicated to the new PSVR model that appeared on the net? Do you really think Sony's new VR controllers are going to look like bananas? Let us know your opinion about it with a comment in the dedicated section below.

Waiting for the new Sony headset, you can buy the first PS VR model also suitable for PlayStation 5 with this Mega Bundle.

Amazon has the PS5 Digital Edition in stock again

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Sony’s latest gaming console, the PS5, is one of many gaming gadgets that are hard to find in stock right now due to mostly online-only sales. If you are trying to get your hands on one, Amazon has restocked the $400 PS5 Digital Edition right now, while supplies last.


Amazon has not restocked the $500 PS5, which includes a disc drive, but we are closely watching to see if it becomes available.

Once you obtain your PS5, there are a few items you’re going to want to pick up for your console. Some of the most popular PS5 exclusives right now include Demon’s Souls Remake by Bluepoint Games. Additionally, Final Fantasy VII Remake was a popular game in 2020; it is backwards compatible and a PS5 port is coming on June 10th. If you buy the game now, you’ll get a free next-gen upgrade when that version is available.

I strongly suggest buying a one-year membership to PlayStation Plus as the perks of having a subscription are great for PS5 users, most notably it nets you access to the PlayStation Plus Collection, which is a digital library of some of the most popular first and third-party titles released on the PS4 such as Bloodborne and The Last of Us Remastered. I also advise picking up an extra DualSense controller.

If you want to expand your SSD storage, sadly there is no way to do that just yet. But Sony is reportedly expanding the options for more SSD storage sometime this summer.