Control Ultimate Edition: how to start the DLC Le Fondamenta and AWE

Control Ultimate Edition: how to start the DLC Le Fondamenta and AWE
With the addition of Control Ultimate Edition in the Playstation Plus lineup and the arrival of the free upgrade on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S, many players will be able to try, in addition to the game itself, also its two expansions called The Foundations and AWE .

How to start The Foundations DLC

To start the first of Control's two DLCs, called The Foundations (here is the review of the The Foundations of Control DLC), you must first complete all the main missions of the game. At the end of the last mission, after returning to the Agency and having unlocked the possibility to freely explore the Federal Bureau of Control to collect the remaining collectibles and finish the secondary missions, the first mission of the dlc Le Fondamenta will be automatically added to your registry, ready to be activated.

How to start the AWE DLC

The game's second DLC, called AWE, can be started and finished before the main Control storyline is complete: it will be enough for you to complete the seventh mission of the game, called The Face of the Enemy, after which the first mission of this expansion will automatically appear in the register, and you will be free to follow it. If you want to learn more, we refer you to the review of AWE, the second DLC of Control.

In both cases, however, the advice is to first complete all the main missions of the game, in order to complete the Jesse's journey inside the Agency, as well as completing some secondary missions, in order to recover materials and new skills that will help you face the dangerous threats that lie within the two expansions of Control.

Finally we remind you that on you will also find the guide to upgrade Control Ultimate Edition and update the game for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S.

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