Windows 11 will be bootable from DVD thanks to NTDEV

Windows 11 will be bootable from DVD thanks to NTDEV

The creator of Tiny11 and Tiny10 , NTDEV , is working on a new project tentatively called Live11 , which makes it possible to boot Windows 11 directly from DVD . Live11 might be useful for anyone who wants a lightweight Windows image for testing or other purposes, such as system maintenance and recovery, software installation, or hardware configuration. However, it would probably be more practical on a USB stick rather than a DVD in today's times. To show how it works, NTDEV has shared a video, which you can see directly from the player below.

Here is a proof of concept of live11, a live image of tiny11 that loads completely into RAM and fits neatly on a DVD !

— NTDEV (@NTDEV_) April 2, 2023

The system uses Grub4Dos, a bootloader commonly used to create Windows bootable discs and Linux. The preliminary operation of copying files takes about a minute, while booting the operating system from the RAM disk takes 12 seconds. On the Windows desktop, NTDEV demonstrates some features as a "proof of concept". The RAM disk is 3.87 GB with 324 MB of free space remaining, while the system processor is an AMD Ryzen 7 5800HS with 8 GB of memory assigned to the virtual machine, of which 4 GB is available and 1.3 GB is used by windows.

--> Smaller versions of Windows, such as Tiny10 and Tiny11, offer several advantages, such as occupying less disk space, starting faster and consuming less system resources, but may have limitations in terms of security and reliability , with some features or updates absent.

NTDEV's Live11 project has certainly achieved interesting results. It is possible that other developers will follow suit and create similar versions of Windows or other OSes, and that even more advanced and optimized solutions will be developed, such as live images that dynamically adapt to available hardware resources or offer a more customizable user experience .