Lexus AI configurator creates photo-realistic images

Lexus AI configurator creates photo-realistic images

The online configurator has been the preferred method for years to visualize the appearance of new cars, including all those top-of-the-range solutions such as Lamborghini and Ferrari. In short, playing with the configurator is always interesting and allows us to roughly understand what a car configured in a certain type could be like. Each manufacturer has its own and there are more or less sophisticated versions that are close to reality; a clear example is provided by Bentley which has been offering an augmented reality configurator for some time now.

In this regard, Lexus has turned to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve this experience, allowing its customers to completely different approach and closer to everyday life. The manufacturer's new system is super-technological and makes all the other solutions, save a few, in the background, making them seem even from another era. Using little more than text input, the generative AI model can create artistic and photo-realistic images by leveraging the database powered by Lexus.

--> At the 2023 New York International Auto Show, guests will be able to try out this new configurator and create works of art with the new RX 350 and RZ 450e SUVs, underscoring the brand's efforts to use technology to better engage with customers . At a time when the metaverse has infiltrated automotive space in unusual ways, Lexus guests will even be able to place their chosen SUV in another galaxy or any backdrop they can conjure.

These images are projected onto a 98-inch screen and guests can then email their artwork. At the moment the new configurator will only be available at the New York Auto Show from 7 to 18 April and it is not difficult to think that it could also arrive on the official website over the next few weeks and attract new and old customers just to try out the technology.