Android Auto frozen? The only remedy is to remove Coolwalk

Android Auto frozen? The only remedy is to remove Coolwalk

Android Auto is the entertainment system par excellence that is generally used in cars and there are two versions on the market; the variant with the cord, wired , and the one without, wireless , which can also be obtained with one of the many dongles that can now be purchased (such as Motorola MA1 and AAWireless ).

The update to Coolwalk is available for a few months, here our study , which improves the layout of Android Auto making it more usable and complete. Unfortunately, this update is not without its flaws and it seems that a recent bug completely invalidates the use; according to what is reported on the net, the bug would limit the functionality to such an extent that it is necessary to act in the system settings.

The bug, we specify, is limited to Coolwalk and makes the lower portion of the screen "freeze", thus preventing its use (via screen and via buttons). The solution? Simple, uninstall all the updates made to restore Android Auto to a working state.

--> A solution that certainly may not appeal to everyone, but at the moment there are no other valid remedies and the only common denominator seems to be Coolwalk. To resolve the issue, at least temporarily, it is necessary:

open Play Store from smartphone; search for Android Auto; select Android Auto; select Uninstall to remove all updates. The Google team is generally always very active in solving problems of this type and we have seen it in recent months with all the bugs that have emerged with previous updates. Surely a patch will be released and we will communicate it in a new news as soon as it is available.