How to use ChatGPT from Italy

How to use ChatGPT from Italy

Yesterday, the Guarantor blocked ChatGPT in Italy, emphasizing the absence of information to users and interested parties whose data is collected, the absence of a legal basis that justifies the collection of this data and the absence of a fulfillment to verify the age of users on the platform. This last point would represent a concrete risk for some users, in particular minors, who could receive inadequate answers with respect to their degree of development and self-awareness, also considering the fact that the information provided by ChatGPT does not always correspond to the real data.

The decision of the Guarantor, matured after the data leak that hit ChatGPT a few days ago, led to the blocking of the service in Italy. ChatGPT is now inaccessible and, by going to the dedicated page, it is possible to read the notice "ChatGPT disabled for users in Italy".

--> The notice on the ChatGPT site On the page there is also a message from the OpenAI team, which in addition to blocking the renewal of ChatGPT Plus subscriptions for Italian users, is also working to refund all those who have subscribed to the service in March. In addition, the developers wanted to underline their commitment to protecting the privacy of their users, stating that ChatGPT complies with both the GDPR and other privacy protection laws. The company will talk to the Guarantor with the aim of restoring service as soon as possible.

How to access ChatGPT from Italy

Fortunately, this does not mean that you can no longer access in service until it remains blocked. Surely the most informed of you will have already thought about it, but the solution to continue using ChatGPT from Italy, even after the blockade, is very simple: just use a VPN  to make the service believe you are outside the country. In this way, you will be able to access the chat and continue to use ChatGPT as you always have, even in Italian.

--> Any VPN is enough, from the one built into some browsers to one of the best free VPNs of 2023. Connect to a foreign country, be it France, Germany, Belgium or any other country and you can continue to use ChatGPT in total peace of mind, at least until it is unblocked again and you can access without using a VPN.

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