Rick and Morty + Dungeons & Dragons?! Discover the unlikely comic book crossover!

Rick and Morty + Dungeons & Dragons?! Discover the unlikely comic book crossover!

Rick and Morty + Dungeons &

Panini Comics distributes for Italy Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons, the very unlikely crossover comic between these two brands. If you are a collector and a lover of the franchises in question, you will be happy to know that today you can buy this crossover on offer for only €17.10.

The comic has transported the mad alcoholic scientist and his loser nephew to a new, terrifying Universe. Rick and Morty + Dungeons & Dragons is the first of 2 volumes that make up the story as a whole. Don't miss this new, unexpected adventure! And to find out more about these worlds, read our reviews of the film Dungeons & Dragons: Pride of Thieves and Rick and Morty .

It all begins when young Morty decides wanting to learn to role-play and his alcoholic grandfather Rick has the brilliant idea to help him in the enterprise. As often happens in the two's adventures, nothing can prepare them for what awaits them once they enter the world of D&D. Failing a saving throw or attack could prove fatal!

The story of the crossover between the fictional universe of Dungeons & Dragons and that of Rick and Morty is written by D&D author Jim Zub and fantasy novelist Patrick Rothfuss, while the drawings were made by illustrator Troy Little. The volume in question has a size of 17X26 cm and is made up of 136 pages with hardcover binding.

Read also: Beers, wines, whiskeys and more! Discover the Amazon offers on alcohol! Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons offers readers an original story that unites two apparently very different worlds, but which will certainly entertain fans. But hurry, before the offer ends! Take advantage of the Amazon discount now, thanks to which you can buy it for €17.10.

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