Google Drive, there will be no limit of files created

Google Drive, there will be no limit of files created

Google Drive

There was a lot of discontent with Google Drive's decision to quietly introduce a limit on the number of files that can be uploaded to the cloud, ie a maximum of 5 million documents. This important number remained the same for all subscription plans, from the basic free one to the more generous and expensive ones and did not refer to shared files but only to those created by the individual user. The motivation expressed by Google for this novelty was to want to keep the performance and reliability of the service high. But in the past few hours the about-face has arrived, the limit will not be put into practice.

The limit of files created on Google Drive was not too publicized a novelty, some users simply found the following message by logging in in platform: “ This account has exceeded the creation limit of 5 million items. To create multiple items, move the items to the trash and permanently delete them." As reported by Ars Technica , it is thus evident how the count of the total number of files created by the user does not depend on their size (they could also all be documents of 1 kb each) and also considers what is contained in the recycle bin , which we remember yes automatically empties within 30 days, but until full it contributes to weighing on the digital scale. Scrolling through the testimonials, there is a thread on Reddit that tells of a user who subscribed to a 2 GB plan and who, although well below this limit, found himself unable to create new files having already uploaded 7 million of modest overall dimensions .

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The situation created was rather uncomfortable given that this user - and probably many others - had not been warned of the change, suddenly finding themselves faced with a fait accompli and not being able to use a service they had paid for. Google spokesman Ross Richendrfer had commented that the novelty concerned a small part of users and that it was valid as "A safeguard to prevent the misuse of our solution in a way that could affect the stability and security of the system". During the night, the decision was made to retrace one's steps, eliminating the limit of 5 million files and promising clearer and more timely communication on any future course changes.