Charging stations, 4,401 new points since the beginning of 2023

Charging stations, 4,401 new points since the beginning of 2023

Charging stations

The charging infrastructure in Italy is growing, with an average of about 340 new points installed per week in the first quarter of 2023. These are the entirely positive data that emerge from the latest report by Motus -E.

The creation of a capillary recharging infrastructure is essential to encourage the spread of electric propulsion vehicles and the data for 2023 bode well. Indeed, in the first quarter of the year, record growth was recorded thanks to the creation of 4,401 new public charging points, a number that brings the total nationwide to 41,173 charging points. Specifically, of the 41,173 recharging points in Italy, 35,980 are in alternating current with powers equal to or lower than 43 kW, 2,760 are in direct current and offer a recharging power greater than 100 kW and, finally, 2,000 are in direct current and have a power between 44 and 99 kW.

The new growth record of charging points is a very important signal and market data show a growing propensity of motorists towards electric. Unfortunately we are still far from the market share levels of countries such as France and Germany, already in the order of 14-15%, but the numbers show that BEV registrations could still grow a lot with a rationalization of the resources already allocated to stimulate demand . I am thinking of the incentives for individuals, but also for fleets, commented Francesco Naso, general secretary of Motus-E.

--> It is no coincidence, therefore, that the average of about 340 new points installed per week in the period January-March 2023 has contributed to an increase in the percentage of charging points installed in the last 12 months, with a +47.8% . Compared to the last two years, however, the recharging points in Italy have increased from 20,757 to 41,173.

Naturally, there are still some disparities between the north and south of the country: 57% of the columns are present in the north while the percentage of the South and the Islands is still quite low (21%). As far as central Italy is concerned, 22% of the charging points are present.