Tesla Roadster, what happened to it? The Master Plan ignores it

Tesla Roadster, what happened to it? The Master Plan ignores it

Tesla Roadster

A few hours ago Tesla published the first official information relating to the third part of its Master Plan, thanks to which it will finally give life to the Tesla Model 2, the compact and economical model that many have been waiting for for years, and a van and an electric bus. Unfortunately, the Tesla Roadster is missing from the list of innovations Tesla is working on, the electric sports car that Musk has promised several times in a new technical and aesthetic guise, after the Roadster was the first model offered by Tesla between 2008 and 2012.

Fans of the sporty Tesla will have to come to terms with it: to date, the Tesla Roadster does not represent a priority for the American company, which knows very well that the Roadster would sell an absolutely irrelevant number of units for corporate accounting purposes, however, the cost of a very difficult development. Given such small volumes, Tesla has preferred to give priority to other models such as the Cybertruck and the Semi, but this does not mean that the Roadster has completely disappeared from the scene. Sooner or later Tesla will have the opportunity to bring this car to life, which promises to be the most expensive Tesla ever, with a booking fee of $50,000, as if to say that the cars will be made almost exclusively to order.

--> Recently, Tesla's chief designer, Franz von Holzhausen, said that the development of the Roadster is continuing but that it will not end this year:

“We are developing the car. I think you know what our priorities are as a company, and the priorities are about mass electrification. Roadster is not a mass product, so it is in a particular position, but we are working on it.”

Von Holzhausen has confirmed that Tesla is using the 2.0 Roadster prototype unveiled for the first time in 2017 to improve the car from every point of view, so as to have a car that is in every way all better than the one that initially marked Tesla's debut on the market.