Resident Evil 4: voice actress closes comments on Instagram for too many criticisms

Resident Evil 4: voice actress closes comments on Instagram for too many criticisms

Resident Evil 4

The remake of Resident Evil 4 has been out for a few weeks now, and little by little all fans of the Capcom series are reaching the end credits. The impressions of many players underline that this remake is one of the best ever made but, apparently, not everyone is happy with one aspect of this welcome return. Specifically, we are talking about the dubbing of one of the most iconic characters in the title.

The character in question is Ada Wong, and the criticisms of Lily Gao, her voice actress, have been so harsh and numerous that the actress has decided to close the comments section of his Instagram profile. Lily Gao found herself targeted by very unkind comments and apparently it seems that all this fuss was born from the change of voice actress made by Capcom, given that in the original Resident Evil 4 it was another actress who voiced Ada Wong, namely Jolene Andersen .

--> This change has not gone down well with several fans of the series, with some of them expressly writing to Lily Gao that she ruined the Resident Evil 4 remake with her voice acting as Ada Wong. There are also those who point out that the classic seductive tone of Ada was missing in the voice actress's performance, while others hope that this character/voice actress pairing cannot be repeated in the next chapters of the saga in which Ada Wong will appear.

what's happening with ada's VA in resident evil 4 (2023) is beyond unacceptable. everyone has opinions according to their own experience of her, but going to her social media of her (and even past VAs of the character) to offend her is sickening and deplorable.

respect lily gao and her of her work her.

— ada wong archives. (@archiveadawong) April 2, 2023

Once again, unfortunately, a large portion of "enthusiasts" have shown that they are not at all mature in approaching this medium, and above all to the people who work hard to give us a thrill by playing our favorite video games/franchises. In any case, you can find Resident Evil 4 Remake on Amazon, while on GameDivision you can find many useful guides during the adventure, including the complete solution.

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